No worries and a turnkey chicken house. This is what we offer you for every type of chicken keeping in different designs. Whether as a prefabricated hall with steel girders and sandwich panels, in solid construction or as an addition to existing wooden halls – we are your competent master builder.

The size of the hall depends on your desired type of production (pullets, laying hens, fattening houses…) and the targeted number of animals. The size of the hall results from the animal welfare regulations for the maximum number of animals per m²

The construction method itself also depends on the time period planned for the construction or on your personal ideas – whether pillar outside, panels inside or vice versa, roof shape etc.. Panels provide smooth surfaces that are easy to clean, the shape of the roof influences how efficient a photovoltaic system will be, for example.

We know all the requirements and know about the advantages and disadvantages of the individual construction methods from our own experience and that of our customers. Just let us advise you – with your request we can already prepare for you.

Let the experts advise you!

We look forward to your individual project and will find the optimal construction method for your requirements.