Today, animal welfare is not just an ideological imperative. Chicks that are motivated to move right from the start are healthier and more robust. This way they are later insensitive to floor housing and aviary and as laying hens well trained for all levels of the laying facility. The more stress-free and species-appropriate the life of broiler chickens, the better the meat quality.

We can provide you with the right solution for all factors of poultry technology, tailored to your needs and house sizes. Innovative, well planned and of course species-appropriate.

There are three types of nesting technique, the main focus always being that the eggs can be laid gently and are easy to remove.

The family nest with movable tilting floor is suitable for consumer eggs and allows the hen a comfortable environment in which she can lay eggs undisturbed. When the nest floor is tilted, the curtains roll up and reveal the complete view of the grass mats.

With the family nest with expulsion system and solid floor, emphasis is placed on the natural needs of the hens. The hygienic and comfortable environment is important for the high breeding percentage. Family nests are equally suitable for table eggs and hatching eggs.

In the organic sector, the litter nest is used for both hatching and table eggs. It has an improved sprouting system – the sprouting nest sinks into the spelt, so there is no scratching in the nest. The egg collection is done via narrow PP belts.

All technologies are available in single or multi-storey versions.

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Here we offer you your tailor-made solution for every space requirement and every type of enclosure.

We make the best possible use of the space in your stable building. No matter whether floor or free-range: The chickens should feel comfortable and find shelter. We also use the same aviaries in mobile stables, just optimised for the smaller space conditions.

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Our automatic feeding systems fulfil comfort and efficiency for you and your animals’ needs, no matter what type of housing. Wet maize feeding for laying hens, chain feeding for breeding and fattening poultry and also for cockerels in broiler parent stock. What counts is fertilisation success, egg and meat quality – well and conveniently controllable for you.
Of course, we also provide any storage technology from plastic to steel and trevira silos. In addition, the suitable weighing and conveying systems.

Nipple and round drinkers are the ideal solution for breeding and fattening poultry. Houses for laying hens are usually equipped with nipple drinkers. We also supply the corresponding piping and water connections for all systems.

Especially in the sensitive chicken area, water quality is also an important issue. With our water treatment systems, you can produce exactly the “water you want” for your animals.

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… und diverse andere Anbieter.

Clean eggs, minimal breakage, easy handling and little time required – we can fulfil these wishes for every farm in the desired dimension. Hourly outputs from 5,000 eggs to 20,000 and more save cent by cent on each egg. Up to 4 automatic packaging lines allow different types of packaging and also branding immediately for your customer without changeover.

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Fans in combination with supply and extract air chimneys are usually a minimum requirement and basic equipment.

Additional exhaust air purification and the use of ammonia sensors prevent increased concentrations of emissions and serve not only animal welfare but also the resulting quality of meat, eggs and pullets.

The variety of heating and cooling systems ranges from hot water pipes for heating close to the animals to high-pressure nebulisers for cooling and humidification.

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There are vast amounts of droppings that accumulate in the chicken coop. This is also a valuable raw material and in pressed pellets is popular with organic gardeners and pays well.

A manure transverse and elevating conveyor belt transports the manure away. We are also happy to offer the pelleting plant for residue recycling in coordination with your manure volume.

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The more well thought-out the housing equipment is and the more efficiently it can be controlled, the more economical any form of chicken husbandry becomes.

It is clear that every feeding system has a control system, every air conditioning unit, as does the egg collection and much more.

However, modern software solutions go much further and monitor the barn and the animals with sensors and microphones. The system uses measurement data and sounds (from the cackling of the chickens) to detect the health status and well-being of the animals. It informs the farmer in case of deviations and can also react itself and influence other systems.

This is not the chicken coop of tomorrow, but the one that guarantees you more economic success today.

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