The most innovative barn equipment companies almost always emerge from the experience of resourceful farmers who keep a close eye on their animals and support animal welfare with technology and automation.

This was also the case with us when Alexander Gurtner modernised his stable at the beginning of the 2000er and analysed and in some cases improved numerous technologies from all over Europe.

Today, Gurtner is a full-range supplier for every form of chicken farming and for every farm size apart from hobby farming.

Our own pullet production is not only the benchmark for all innovations, but has always been a guarantee of success for our customers.

The societies:

Our group consists of several companies:

  • Gurtner GmbH for the stable equipment, stable technology and automation
  • Gurtner GAF Projekt GmbH for the construction of prefabricated halls and building components
  • Gurtner Geflügelzucht GmbH for the rearing of pullets